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Make Tea

as it Should Be

It originally created Cheese Fresh Fruit Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Cheesecake Milk Tea, etc. Teamakers uses the best original leaf tea from the tea source, fresh fruit from the farm, imported cheese and wheat flour. The products are all made-on-side.

TeaMaker's Signature Milk Tea

Our most popular drink! Grass jelly adds a satisfying texture to our delicious classic roasted milk tea.

Milk Tea

If you’re looking for an alternative that won’t melt on you, Teamakers mixes the best things about a halo-halo with one of the best things they’re known for — cheesecake milk tea! 

TeaMaker's Fresh Soda

Throw your feet up and relax with this refreshingly fruity Teamakers' soda! Lychee is an Asian fruit that is often enjoyed during the summer due to its sweet taste that helps cool you down.

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